Minnesotans aren't just nice, we're grateful to boot!

Grandparents Day is coming up Sunday, September 9, and Provision Living has ranked all 50 states according to how grateful the grandkids are.

It should be little surprise that Minnesota ranked #1 for having the most grateful grandkids in the country.

Ohio (2), Texas (3), Georgia (3) and Michigan (4) rounded out the top 5 with fellow Midwest states Nebraska (7), Illinois (8), Missouri (9) and Wisconsin (10) helping round out the top 10.


How did Provision Living (a senior living communities service) come by these findings? They analyzed Google search trends for key words including "gifts for grandma," "gifts for grandparents," "Christmas gifts for grandparents," "best grandpa gifts," "grandpa gifts idea," and "national grandparents day."

Additional math of factors including division by "total searches of the geography and time range," scales based on proportions and topics and "total search volumes" were also used in ranking states by their degree of gratefulness. For a better understanding visit here.

The states with the least grateful grandkids were on either coast -- Main (50), Vermont (49), New Hampshire (48), Alaska (47), Massachusetts (46), Oregon (43), Washington (42).

Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 9 this year -- don't forget to call or send a gift to your grandparents!

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