I always struggle when it comes to finding good Christmas ideas for people in my family. But, there are certain gifts that would be great for any Minnesotan. If you're having some trouble thinking about what to get the stubborn Minnesotan in your life, check out this list!

1. Wild Hockey tickets--No explanation required.

2. Timberwolves tickets--They're pretty good this year. This would be perfect for the Minnesota basketball fan in your family.

3. Vikings tickets--It'll be cold outside, but you'd never be able to tell from your seat at US Bank Stadium. You'll feel like you're outside with all of the comforts of being indoors!

4. Blankets/electric blankets--There's nothing better than coming home after a long day and curling up by the TV with a new blanket and surfing Netflix.

5. Candles--We strive to keep our homes warm and cozy in the winter. Candles definitely help accomplish this. Plus, who doesn't love a good scented candle?

6. Hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, socks, ear muffs--Because, how often do you lose all of these items from year to year? You can never have enough of these babies laying around the house.

7. Boots--This is the type of gift that you really appreciate on days when it snows 12 inches and you have to shovel outside. It's a heaven send.

8. Hockey/skating equipment--We're always looking for something fun to do in the winter time. Getting new gear makes the winter that much more enjoyable...and bearable.

9. Snowboards/sleds--Winter is a great time to realize some new hobbies. This is a great gift idea for your Minnesota winter enthusiast.

10. Fleece--If you buy someone fleece in the winter time, you really can't go wrong. A nice fleece jacket or sweat shirt is the ultimate way to tell someone you've got their back! Fleece pajamas are the best.

11. Crock pot--You can never have too many crock pots, or crock pots in various sizes. No matter how many crock pots one has, it's not enough.

12. Hot dish pans--When you eat hot dish pretty much everyday, it's nice to have multiple pans.

13. Hot drinks--Gift cards to their favorite warm drink establishment is a very thoughtful gift. You could also create your own basket of warm drink mixes and cookies! Everyone loves cookies.

14. An automatic start for the car--This one will win you over for best gift idea for sure. This can be a little spendy, but definitely worth it. No one likes waiting in a cold car for it to warm up. NO ONE.

15. Lotion/chap stick--Our skin is always drying out...and our lips too. We go through so much of this stuff. You can never have enough. This is a great stocking stuffer!

Is there something you think would make a great gift idea that's not on this list?

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