As far as I can tell on the forecast, there is no snow in the forecast for Central Minnesota any time soon. However, we all know it is only a matter of time.

This morning the radar on channel 189 sure as heck looked like snow. It was enough to make me pause and go through the stages of grief as I grappled with the forthcoming reality, which we all know cannot be stopped.

The first stage of grieving is denial, which is the first thing that happens when there is actually snow on the way. The denial stage includes phrases like 'it won't stick,' and 'I'm sure it'll melt right away.'

The second stage is anger, which usually involves me threatening to move to another state or country to avoid the snow altogether. I also get mad at all of my relatives that decided to set up shop in Minnesota in the first place.

The bargaining stage is the point where I try to negotiate with Mother Nature, as in 'fine, a little snow is no big deal but just make sure the temperature isn't too cold and there isn't too much wind.' I don't think she can hear me though.

The depression stage consists of me filling up on junk food and vowing to not leave the basement until springtime. I believe the depression stage is actually the reason bears choose to hibernate all winter.

Finally, we get to acceptance. I dig the winter clothes out of the closet, find the shovels, tune up the snow blower and get ready for six months of misery.

Right now I am still holding out hope for a miracle, snow-free winter. One can dream, can't they?

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