Ladies - listen to me, and listen to me GOOD!

There is one thing that you absolutely CANNOT try and force your man to do against his will.

A study from scientists at Stanford University, claims that men, in general - are not capable of going on a successful DIET (Daily Mail)!  Can you believe that?

According to the study, men who have diets 'forced on them' by their wives can actually gain weight, after eating tons of food away from home. Wives rarely consult with husbands before 'putting' them on a healthier diet.

Shame on you, ladies.  It probably wouldn't go over real well if we just TOLD you to go on a diet.  That's mean AND rude.

The study also found that adult men often disliked the food changes, but to avoid conflict, they didn't object.

To avoid fighting with the girlfriend or wife - we men just don't object.

But remember, we don't like being told what to eat - and we don't like things that don't taste good.

And if we say we are trying to diet for you - just know that we really are not!