Their soft open was this past weekend.

Atop the highest mountain by the light of the moon the all knowing Ibex awakes thirsty from his dream.. he calls out for 3 hero's to embark on one impossible quest...To craft him the perfect beer... Will they succeed? Join them on their journeys, mishaps and conquests..."

So goes the tale behind Central Minnesota's newest craft brewery -- The Nordic Brewing Company.

With little fanfare, Nordic Brewing Co. quietly opened this past weekend in Monticello, MN, making for the second brewery to open in town in just nine months.

As the name implies, Nordic's theme is very...Nordic -- ski poles, old-school tennis rackets and other Scandinavian-inspired memorabilia hang from a wood-paneled wall; hand-crafted tables dot the spacious taproom; a single tree -- presumably pine or fir -- stands tall in an alcove near the front; and an ibex is stamped on every glass.

When we visited the first night open, only three beers were available on tap -- a cream ale, fruit beer and brown ale -- but they were delicious!

Nordic's slogan is "Beer...the Ultimate Quest," and they really want their beer to be an experience and adventure. Their brewing system is a relatively small one, meaning batches will be smaller and faster in rotation and a little on the wilder and unpredictable side. With nearly 20 taps behind the bar, there's room for a lot more great beer on the way!

Nordic Brewing company is located at 530 Cedar St., Monticello, Minnesota 55362.

Read more of our thoughts and experience visiting Nordic Brewing Co. here.

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