When Brittany and I were deciding on a name for our daughter, we wanted to be a little "out of the box", but not too far. We'll, did we go to far from the box... cause Shay, didn't even make the Top 100! We love the name Shay and actually I'm happy the she has more of an original name, not that she's the only Shay, but she won't be one of five Sophia's people will have to try and remember.

Check and see where your baby boy or girl's name landed on the list.

The TOP 10 names for BOYS in 2014 are:

1.) Jackson (also number one last year)
2.) Aiden
3.) Liam
4.) Lucas
5.) Noah
6.) Mason
7.) Ethan
8.) Caden
9.) Jacob
10.) Logan

And for GIRLS...

1.) Sophia (fifth year in a row Sophia is number one)

2.) Emma

3.) Olivia

4.) Ava

5.) Isabella

6.) Mia

7.) Zoe

8.) Lily

9.) Emily

10.) Madelyn.

HERE is the TOP 100 list for GIRLS and over HERE is the BOYS, TOP 100 names of 2014.


We're happy with Shay, not only her name, but how often she smiles... while awake or sleeping.


Matt Fallon/TSM


Matt Fallon/TSM


Matt Fallon/TSM


Sometimes, she just likes to chill and watch Sesame Street.

Matt Fallon/TSM