Yesterday was a great day to visit the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud. The temperatures apparently are going to rise until we all just melt away and the city just implemented a watering ban, meaning no pool time for the kids.

Instead of simply giving up and sacrificing ourselves to our new Sun Gods, we decided to hit up the mall and its wonderful, free air conditioning.

There are a few stops our toddler has to make every time we go to Crossroads. First, we have to check out the trees in the food court. He still can't figure out how they got trees to grow inside.

Second, we have to hit up the arcade area so he can "play" the Jurassic World game. Luckily for my wallet he still doesn't quite know the difference between playing the game and pretending to play the game.

Third, he needs to go in the helicopter ride in the mini-rotunda area near the entrance. He pilots the helicopter to grandpa's house, the playground, our house then back to the mall.

Finally, my little dude likes to socialize with his fellow pint-sized compatriots in the mall's soft play area. Unfortunately, the play area is still fenced off and closed.

During the pandemic a lot of things were closed and it got a lot of parents used to explaining to kids that some things needed to be closed so they could be properly cleaned.

It's understandable that the play area would be closed (it would be tough to keep up the cleaning), but with Sartell's indoor playground now opening and other attractions re-opening as the pandemic seemingly recedes, it would be cool to see this open back up too!

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