After the Minneapolis Miracle took place this weekend, everyone is pretty fired up about the Minnesota Vikings! Here are a few fun things you can get off of Amazon Prime before the game this coming Sunday against the Eagles.

1. Vikings Toothbrush - $9.11 - Start football Sunday off on the right foot! - Siskiyou

2. Vikings Crock Pot - $33.99 - You can't cheer the team onto victory on an empty stomach.

Amazon - Crock Pot

3. Vikings Drink Coasters - $24.99 - Classy, subtle, and full of team pride. - SPORTULA

4. Vikings Touchback Plush Raschel Throw - $34.95 - Something to hide your face behind in case a questionable play is made! - Northwest

5. NFL Banner Flag - $19.99 - Let the whole neighborhood know you're full of Purple Pride! - Rico

6. Vikings Pet Jersey - $22.76 - Get your pet in the Vikings spirit! - Pets First

7. Vikings Light Up Logo Scarf - $29.99 - Something to keep you warm and wave around wildly in the air when the team makes a touchdown! - Forever Collectibles

Dilly Dilly we're going to Philly! Skol Vikes!