Yesterday I wrote about my amazing experience at The Ledge Amphitheater in Waite Park. As I scrolled through my photo roll I clicked on a video I had taken at the beginning of the show and I was reminded of how much I loved watching the ASL folks guiding the hearing impaired through the lyrics and music of the show.

There were two interpreters on stage that night. One would be up on stage doing their thing- dancing and signing- while the other took a break.

They were rocking out for the entire 2.5 hour show! Not just signing, but using facial expressions and body language to convey the emotion of whatever song they were interpreting. It was performance art at its finest.

I had a chance to talk to one of the interpreters during the intermission as she waiting in line for food. I didn't think quickly enough to ask for her name but I remember her mentioning that she was from the area and worked at SCSU.

After gushing to her about how much I was enjoying her performance I was able to ask a couple of questions.

The Beach Boys are known for playing long sets with a lot of songs potentially on the setlist, so I asked her if she had all the lyrics memorized or if she went off what they said.

She explained the group sent over a list of nearly 100 songs and she immediately went to work on getting to know the ones that she wasn't already familiar with. Watching the show, both of the interpreters seemed to know every word, beat and rhythm by heart.

She also said she was going to be signing at a TLC/Shaggy concert soon (I assume she meant at the State Fair). What a challenge that must be at hard rock/rap shows where the music moves much faster than it does at an oldies-filled Beach Boys concert!

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