Minnesotans sure have a funny way of expressing their anger.

As a kid growing up in Illinois, I always knew my dad was angry when he broke out the swear words. "D*****, I'm s*** a** angry!" he once yelled (to my knowledge, that still remains his personal record for most swear words in one sentence).

Minnesotans, on the other hand, have an funny way of expressing their anger. Rather than muttering curses and spouting expletives, Minnesotans turn a string of otherwise harmless words into oaths of threat or cries of vexation. For instance, a proposition about finances ("If I had a nickel for every...") becomes a hypothetical situation's promise of severe consequence; or a passive blaming of some other guy or gal ("Oh, for Pete's sake!" "Jeez Louise!") becomes an exclamation of utter exasperation.

A recent post to reddit (originally posted to Twitter by The Midwestern Ope), perfectly captures the nine levels of anger in Minnesota (even if it does say Midwest):

(If image above doesn't show click here)

While certainly an accurate list of Minnesotan levels of anger, it's not an exhaustive one. Many in the comment section offered suggestions of their own:

"Son-of-a-biscuit, where's 'Holy buckets?'" asked one.

"Where does 'holy crap' fit in?" asked another.

"How is Gosh darnit not on here?" wonders a third.

"For crying out loud," suggested another.

Which level of Minnesota anger do you use the most?

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