Businesses come and go. It takes generations of dedication to keep a business going for over 100 years, and we've got your list of those astonishingly old St. Cloud companies.

In a recent conversation with Steve at Stearns History Museum, I asked what the oldest St. Cloud businesses are, that are still running. It took a little archive digging, but he came up with what we could find is the oldest on record.

Here's the top 5 businesses that are the oldest and still running:

5. Daniel Funeral Home - 134 years in business

1895 Arnold Daniel Furniture and Undertaking Store (Photo: Stearns History Museum)

4. Miller Architects - 141 years in business (No photo available)

3. Williams Dingmann Funeral Home - 142 years in business

1915 - Tschumperlin Undertakers, a forerunner to Williams located on left. St. Germain. (Photo: Stearns History Museum)

2. St. Cloud Times  - 155 years in business

1930 - St. Cloud Times Building (Photo: Stearns History Museum)

1. Sentinel Printing - 161 years in business (No photo available)

Steve at Stearns History Museum also sent me a gem of a photo that is notable. This was taken in 1892 during the construction of the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph.

1892 - College of St Benedict, St. Joseph (Photo: Stearns History Museum)

A big thanks to Steve at Stearns History Museum for help on the photos and working with me to dig up this list. They've got a spectacular amount of great information, records, photos and more, in regards to all the history of this area. I could spend everyday there!