I usually dread having to put gas in my car. Between the rising cost of fuel and the loud and obnoxious advertisements that play during the process itself, I usually let the gas gauge get darn near empty before I finally give in and fill up. However, this trip was different.

I was at the Kwik Trip location on the east side of St. Cloud when I noticed something pretty funny right near the digital gas price display at my pump: an image of  President Joe Biden pointing at the price while proclaiming "I did that!!!"

Listen, I am not an economist, nor am I any kind of political expert. I don't have any idea how much the current president and his politics influence the price of gas. I took a stab at the issue a few months ago but I still don't really know anything about it.

With that being said, I know a good joke when I see one. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, I think we can agree this is just good, clean humor (unlike some of the flags and internet posts I saw during the election).

My only question is who is paying for these stickers? Is this technically considered vandalism? I lightly tried to peel the sticker just to see how destructive it was and it easily peeled away with a gentle tug. (In case you are wondering I didn't take it or rip it up, I left it there... who am I to interfere with some good street art?)

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