Happiness can be found in a lot of unexpected places. A five-dollar bill in an old pair of jeans that you were about to donate, your favorite song playing in a store while you shop, maybe a person in front of you in line at the drive-thru paying for your order.

Sometimes it can be laying right there at your feet when you least expect it.

My grandpa lives in the Grainwood senior living community in Prior Lake, Minnesota. He has been struggling, like many people, during COVID-19 with the isolation and uncertainty surrounding the virus.

He has been limiting his trips to the store, rarely gets to see family and mostly just sits in his apartment reading books and binge-watching shows on Netflix to pass the time.

On Wednesday my grandpa stepped out of his apartment to throw out the trash when he was greeted by a pleasant surprise: a valentine from a local elementary school student named Riley S:

"I hope you're happy. I hope you're glad, but sometimes things are just sad. I hope you're not sad!"

My grandpa said the kids at WestWood Elementary (where I happened to go to school 35 years ago!) gave all of the residents Valentine's Day cards to make sure they weren't lonely.

He added in his Facebook post:

Riley I am not sad & I appreciate your concern. This is a very special valentine.
Your Friend, David

What an awesome gesture by the kids that certainly brightened not only my grandpa's day but dozens of other seniors who are likely going through the same feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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