Congratulations to this week's "Teacher of the Week," Terri Weber! "Profesora Terri" is a Spanish immersion teacher at Clearview Elementary.

She was nominated by a parent of one of her students:

"This year has been anything but typical. The kids started the year in hybrid form, switched to full distance learning, and have finally gone to full-in classroom learning. Profesora Terri has done all this with a larger than average class size with the typical two classes being combined into one for fifth grade and a change in the grade she teaches. My son had the pleasure of having her for fourth grade social studies last year and now as his full-time teacher this year.

"Throughout the different learning models, I saw her making changes and adapting as she navigated the new platforms and found new ways to better reach her students. She was also open to hearing ideas from them about how they wanted to learn. One day during full distance learning, I heard her go through her students one-by-one and give each of them a positive affirmation about something she had noticed, whether it was completing all activities quickly each day or making gains in one of their activities.

"She made sure to give the students time to connect with each other in breakout rooms when they couldn’t see each other each day. Even when she was teaching in the hybrid format—essentially like teaching two classes simultaneously—she made sure to not only go through each assignment a student submitted, but also provide feedback on each of them. Profesora Terri cares about all of her students and clearly loves teaching. She has high expectations of them and is firm, but fair. She pushes them to achieve independence as she helps prepare them for their next journey. For my son, it will be his final year at Clearview and I couldn’t think of a better teacher to help prepare him for middle school."

Let's face it, teachers this have faced more challenges than ever during this past year and they all deserve a little more recognition. If you know of an educator who is consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, you can nominate them for Teacher of the Week HERE.

It could be your child's teacher, someone who taught you in the past that made an impact on your life, your neighbor who is a teacher... really, any instructor who you feel deserves some extra kudos.

The form takes just a couple of seconds to fill out and could lead to a lifetime memory for that special teacher in your life.

Whether it is in person or over a video call, we will make sure to let that teacher know just how appreciated they are, especially during these tough times.

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