Congratulations to this week's "Teacher of the Week," Amy Stedje of Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School. Mrs. Stedje was nominated Nicole Molesky:

The hardships of having to educate online and adapt to these strange times is apparent to all of us. Teachers have had to learn on the fly as much as students, while writing curriculum so students don't miss out on required education. Mrs. Stedje's ability to adapt to students needs and keep a smile on her face throughout all the zoom meetings is beyond all expectations. She's available to help outside the required times of the school day and works hard on assisting students one-on-one throughout the weekends and late into weeknights. One of the many things that she does to go beyond the call of a math educator is weekly birthday treats. During the times of "in session" class, you'd get a shoutout and a treat to celebrate. The loss of daily meetings has not stopped Mrs. Stedje, now each Sunday evening she writes out a personal and heartfelt birthday card as celebration with trea t enclosed (on her own dime) and mails it to the birthday student at home.

Our 'Teacher of the Week' receives a plaque from All-Star Trophy and Awards. and gift certificates from Great Harvest Bread Company, Coyote Moon Grille and St Cloud Floral.  A special thanks to Mathnasium of St. Cloud for also sponsoring our "Teacher of the Week."

Nobody knows what this school year will be like. But one thing we know is that we want to continue to recognize teachers in Central Minnesota, even if it's in an empty classroom. We are ready to adjust to whatever situation presents itself.

If you know a teacher that is going above and beyond the call of duty, nominate them HERE for our "Teacher of the Week."

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