Calling all my Target addicts! The Minnesota based company is launching a new rewards program called Target Red. It is in the very early testing stages right now and is will start being used in the Dallas, Texas area next month. So what can we expect once this rolls out nation-wide?


- 1% back on ALL purchases, that can redeemed on a later Target run.

- 50 percent off their first-year membership with Target's new same-day delivery partner, Shipt (Price right now is $99 a year or $14 a month)

- An opportunity to vote for one of the local organizations Target will directs its charitable giving to.

- Free next day delivery on essentials through its Restock department.

Overall it doesn't sound like a bad deal, especially if you are a frequent Target shopper. This isn't like a Red Card where you need to have a debit or credit account, it is just something extra the store is trying out to hopefully bring in more shoppers and thank current loyal customers. I really like that they also want to give it a community feel with being able to choose where Target donates money in the area. I think that is a great feature! Let's hope this makes its way to the St. Cloud area soon!

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