We have all been there, we need to run into Target for one or two things but it ends up being a 20 minute trip. Now that will be a story of the past! Select Target stores are going to be getting a remodel. The new layout will have two totally separate entrances, one for quick stops and the other for more casual shopping.

The quick stop entrance will lead right to the redesigned grocery aisles, easy access to a wine and beer aisles shop, an online order pick up counter, and more self checkout lanes. As an added bonus, there will supposedly be designated parking spots for shoppers who choose to have their items delivered right to their car!

Target CEO Brain Cornell said

"We need to create an environment that's worthy of [shoppers'] time,"

I completely agree! 

Houston will be getting the first remodel this October and after that the company plans on re-vamping 40 other stores based on Houston's location. Target also announced that they plan on using the new layout for the 500 new stores they plan to build in 2018 and 2019!

Hopefully one of the two Target's in the St. Cloud area get a remodel! I am all for increasing my Target run time! 

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