St. Johns University

Graduation in St. Cloud Metro
College seniors in the St. Cloud metro area are wrapping up their last finals and gearing up for graduation. Below are details on each college or university commencement ceremony in the St. Cloud metro area.
What's Happening This Weekend
We have your ticket to some of the fun things you and your family can enjoy around Central Minnesota this weekend. It's your final chance to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf at Pioneer Place, rejoice with HYMNFEST out at St. John's University, enjoy the musical stylings of VoicePlay …
Local College Rowing Team
Local college students watching the Olympic games might get hooked on the sport of rowing. If you walk down to the beautiful shores of Lake Sagatagan on the campus of St. John’s University during the early morning hours this fall, chances are you’ll see the St. John’s and St. …