Within the past two weeks, I've noticed people using the dollar symbol ($) incorrectly.

At least, incorrectly compared to what I was taught growing up.

I learned that the dollar sign goes in front of the number ($20). However, in the recent incorrect uses people have placed the dollar sign after the number (20$).

Has something changed in the 11 years since I was last in school? Is this one of those nuances that is now being taught differently? Is the education system failing us? Or, dare I say, are people just dumber?

Worry not! Turns out, people who spend 20$ are just lazy!

That's according to the results of a poll I asked at the Mix 94.9 Facebook page, anyways.

"For me, the $ is always an afterthought for some reason," admits one listener. "So I'm 50/50 on going back in my texts and correcting it...depends on how lazy I am right that moment."

"I’ve only wrote it 20$ a couple times, mainly cause I was texting and was too lazy to change it," admits another. "Have almost always written it $20."

A third comment confirms my best guess: "Its definitely $20 but I think people put it afterwards because in their heads it comes out as 'twenty dollars'/'20$'? I might be wrong here but that's what I've always thought people who do it backwards are probably thinking lol."

So, I guess the good news is -- people aren't dumb, the education system isn't failing us, and I'm not going crazy. People who spend 20$ are just lazy!


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