Apparently, fine China is still alive and well in Central Minnesota.

I recently overheard a conversation about fine China (I don't think I need to clarify, but just in case -- I'm not talking about the country). One person was asking another if fine China was a thing of the past or if people still ate on it at all.

Fine china -- or at least nice dishware -- is a big deal in my family. All the women from my grandmother down have a nice set of bubble dishware in their color of choice. My mom has a set of green, both of her sisters have their own sets, my sisters have sets, and when my wife and I got married last summer, we inherited a set. Ours is pink (can you detect the thrill in my tone).

But really, fine China or nice dishware is sort of a normal thing to me, but I got to thinking about whether or not Central Minnesotans have any and what they do with it -- do they collect it, eat on it, decorate the home with it or is it just sitting in a box in some basement?

After taking to Facebook to survey listeners, it appears that fine China is still alive and well, to varying degrees.

"I have my grandmother's china.... I'm too nervous to use it. But it's in a china hutch beautifully displayed. I love it and I might use it as my kids get older, but I would be devastated if I were to break anything"

"I have beautiful Lenox China. I only use it on Special occasions."

"I have fond memories of my grandma's dinner parties so I still use her china to make great memories with my friends and family."

Just one person seemed to indicate that fine China was a thing of the past.

"I’m assuming it’s a thing of the past since I see quite a bit of it at Goodwill."

What do you think -- is fine China still popular or a dying commodity?

Speaking of commodity...can you believe my wife went 28 years without trying Ramen Noodle?! I grew up on this stuff!

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