According to a recent poll on Mix 94.9's Facebook page, Central Minnesotans are "angels."

I was with some friends the other night, and we got to swapping stories about the worst punishments we received as kids. Karrie recounted getting spanked with a noodle spoon (including the weird clawed side); Becky would get the belt when she was really bad; Mike's dad was once thrown through a screen door and then told to fix it (names have been changed).

With that in mind, I decided to poll our Mix 94.9 audience to find out if our listeners were mostly angels or little demons growing up.

According to the survey results, the majority (60%) of Mix 94.9 listeners were angels (or liars!) as kids; 40% admitted to "Uffda, I Was Bad."

As for myself, I wasn't an angel or bad; I was just the firstborn, which is an unfortunate category of child all itself!

- Adam

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