The rumors are true -- a second brewery is opening in Monticello!

My wife and I were running errands in town this weekend when she exclaimed, "Nordic Brewing?! Is that the other brewery opening?!"

We've lived in Monticello just over a year now and in that time have watched Rustech Brewing open downtown. We'd also heard rumors of a second brewery set to open but had heard and seen next to nothing; for all we knew it was just a rumor.

I turned around and drove back to where Katie had seen the sign for "brewery" and sure enough -- tucked away in a strip of businesses we'd never really checked out before -- was a big bold sign that read "The Nordic Brewing Co."

A little research later found that they're legit with their own Facebook page and Instagram account. They don't appear to have their own website yet, but a local Monticello article confirms their plans to open.

According to a recent Facebook post, they're set to open this weekend November 9-11.

According to, Nordic Brewing's hours will be:
Friday 3-10pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 11am-6-pm

Untapped also indicates that Nordic will have at least three beers on tap when they open:

8. Sail Brown Bay Brown Ale - Other
6.8% ABV • 30 IBU
9. My Pandy Fruit Beer
6% ABV • 30 IBU
10. Addled Ale Cream Ale
5% ABV • 35 IBU

Nordic Brewing Co. is located at 530 Cedar St. Monticello, Minnesota.

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