Calm your Dilly Bar craving while you can, because Sauk Rapids' Dairy Queen location is set to close for the season on Sunday, September 26th.

Minnesota gives a lot of hints when it is ready for summer to end. The leaves change colors, the State Fair comes and goes and the Vikings begin consistently disappointing us every Sunday afternoon. So it goes.

A Dairy Queen closing for the season is one of the surest signs of fall. In fact, I think that the Farmer's Almanac consults with Minnesota DQ operators when they are making their annual weather predictions (note: I doubt this actually happens).

Keep an eye on the menu next weekend as well. In typical years some things will sell out as the owners will stop stocking certain items that would spoil over the winter. On the bright side, there can sometimes be deals to be had. Last year I picked up a couple of ice cream cakes on the cheap.

I didn't have any reason to buy them, I just wanted to eat multiple ice cream cakes. Please keep any and all judgement to yourselves.

I'm not sure exactly when the Red Barn DQ in St. Cloud is scheduled to close, but I do love the sign they used to put outside when it was time to shut down. "Closed for the season. The reason? It's freezin'!" Always got a good chuckle out of that one.

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