Typically I watch the Super Bowl for two things, the half-time show and the snacks. This year I get a third reason, go Pats!

Here is a breakdown of what Americans will spend on snacks this weekend!

  • $1.2 million will be spent on beer this weekend, and a lot of that will go toward imported or craft beers!
  • $500 million will be spent on potato chips, and another $52 million will be spent on dip for the chips.
  • $99 million will be spent on "meat snacks" like jerky, mini wienies, and pork rinds.
  • $82 million worth of chicken wings will find their way into our stomachs.
  • $71 Million will be spent on cheese trays, that number would've been higher if the Packers wouldn't have lost.
  • $13 million will be spent on veggie trays... that will ultimately go untouched.

If you are doing Super Bowl on a budget check out some great local deals here! Happy Super Bowl!

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