STILLWATER -- If you're looking for a fun winter outing, a trip to Stillwater might be in order. The Stillwater Ice Castles are now open.

Spokeswoman Amanda Roseth has some suggestions for you to get the most enjoyment out of your visit.

Because we have tunnels and ice slides to experience, we recommend that you wear clothes for the outdoors:  boots, snow pants, etc.  If you come prepared, you're going to have a much more fun experience.

Roseth says depending on whether you visit during the day or in the evening you'll get a very different experience.

There are people who like the day and there are people who like the night because each is a unique experience.  During the day you see the blue hues come through, and then at night thousands of LED lights do light up the ice castles.

This is the second year the Ice Castles are in Stillwater, the two previous years they were in Eden Prairie.

Many days sell out, so it is suggested you get your tickets in advance.

Weather permitting, they'll be open through late February or early March.