I woke up dark and early this morning, jumped in the shower and realized that being a mom has completely CHANGED me.

Let me give you my backstory. I'm a clean freak and I've been that way since I was 12--just ask my mom. I'm the girl who was grounded FROM cleaning. Yes. Not being able to clean was a punishment.

On the weekends, I deep clean my home for fun--organize my closet, find matching lids for the Tupperware, polish the cupboards, etc.

Well, this morning I went to grab a towel out of my bathroom cabinet and realized I had to use a beach towel. A BEACH TOWEL?! I realized that I've totally and completely neglected my laundry for well over two weeks now. That's NOT like me at all.

This may seem like a very small thing--maybe even normal, but for me it was a huge sign that I've started to change. I love being a mom. It's the best job that I've ever had in my life. But, I'm definitely going to need a maid if I keep this up.

Having a kid will change you, whether you think so or not.

Ashli Overlund
Ashli Overlund

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