TOKYO -- St. Cloud native Alise Willoughby has advanced to the semifinal round in the Olympic BMX racing event.

Willoughby said, “It was good to let everyone get their feet wet, well at least for me, after a year and a half off from international racing, it was good. We got a little bit of everything out there, and I’m excited for tomorrow.” 

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On Wednesday night (Minnesota time) Willoughby finished first in all three of her runs in heat #4 for a total of just three points.

She had a time of 46.703 in the first run.
She had a time of 47.751 in the second run
She had a time of 45.410 in the third run

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The two-time defending gold medalist Mariana Pajon of Columbia also finished first in all three of her runs in her heat and also finished with just three points.

The semifinals and the finals are Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. (Minnesota time) for both the men and women.  The semifinals will consist of three runs again, followed by the finals.

The Pineview BMX Park in St. Cloud will once again host an Olympic Watch Party on Thursday night.

Willoughby is the defending Olympic silver medalist from the games in Rio.  She also competed in the Olympics in London.

Fellow American Felicia Stancil is also one of the 16 semifinalists.  She finished first, second and second in her three runs for a total of five points in her heat.

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On the men's side of the BMX racing, two Americans have advanced to the field of 16 in the semifinal round.  Connor Fields finished second, first, and first for a total of four points in his heat.  Corben Sharrah finished fourth, fifth, and second for a total of 11 points in his heat.

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