If you've ever been to the Paramount Theatre, it's obvious there's some history there. You may be surprised at how popular this theater used to be in the early days!

Opening in 1921, originally called the "Sherman Theatre", patrons paid 50 cents to see a show. It was the most popular entertainment spot in St. Cloud for many years, hosting not just movies, but also: concerts, wrestling, political rallies, plays, and more. The theater seated up to 1,700 people.

Less than 10 years later it became the "Paramount" theatre and continued being the hot spot of downtown St. Cloud.

After a fire in 1985, the Paramount started restoration that lasted well into the 1990's, and now is a historic landmark of St. Cloud that is a 'must visit' location for anybody visiting, or living in, the area.

The video above is a great walk through history of the Paramount, created by the City of St. Cloud. Well worth a few minutes of watching, especially if you are a history buff. It's quite fascinating and makes you want to go visit the theater soon!

Source: Paramount Theatre