ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Development projects in St. Cloud last year surpassed the pre-pandemic levels.

Cathy Mehelich is the St. Cloud Economic Development Director. She says for projects over $250,000 in value there were 49 last year, which is the same number as in 2019. The total value of those projects last year was over $84 million, up from $76 million in 2019.

A majority of the developments are along Division Street.

That continues to be a very strong location, with a lot of service and retail reinvestment happening on Divison.

Mehelich says there were also a number of projects on the east side of St. Cloud, especially along East St. Germain Street. And several projects are underway in the downtown thanks in part to the Main Street grants.

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Another area that saw a lot of development was in the I-94 Business Park.

We saw three new industrial developments happen out in the I-94 Business Park just in this past year.

She says they still have a few lots available in the I-94 Business Park, but they are now focusing more on the Airport Business Park on the east side of town where they have 300 acres available.




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