ST. CLOUD -- Despite the struggles we've faced over the past year, a St. Cloud trucking business is showing there is no time like the present to step up and help your community.

Kilian Truck Line Inc, stopped by the Southside Boys and Girls Club Friday to drop off over 200 gift bags full of gloves and hats to give to area kids.

AJ Duncan is the Vice President of Operations for Kilian. She says in addition to the winter gear, they are also raising funds to be donated to the three St. Cloud Boys and Girls Club locations.

2020 was a hard year on everyone, adults and kids. We decided we were going to raise some funds and get all these kids some gloves and hats, then started a Go Fund Me so we could also give the organization some financial assistance. Our goal is to hit the $3,000 mark and give each of the centers a $1,000 check that they can use for what they feel is necessary.

Amiee Minnerath is the Senior Director of Communications with the Boys and Girls Club. She says new partnerships like this are vital to their organizations overall success.

We can't do it alone, we need to build new partnerships with organizations in order to sustain and grow our programming. This is one new partnership we are really excited about.

The Kilian for Kids campaign is hoping to raise about $3,000 and all the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs to help continue to support the many programs they provide.

If you're interested in donating Kilian has set up a Go Fund Me account.

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