Illnesses are making their way through Central Minnesota.  St. Cloud School Superintendent Laurie Putnam joined me on WJON.  She indicates the illnesses appear to be a combination of RSV, flu, COVID and the common cold.  Putnam explained they are seeing higher numbers of sick students and staff lately.  She says the state of Minnesota requires that schools report any time they have 5% of their student population out with flu like symptoms.  Putnam indicates that many of their schools have hit that 5% mark.

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Putnam says they remind students and staff to do the things they know that can be effective to reduce the spread of these illnesses like washing hands, staying home when sick, and covering coughs.  She says the policy in regards to sick people in the district hasn't changed because of the pandemic.  Putnam says people should follow the general illness guidelines.  She recommends if you are sick and/or have a fever or are vomiting to stay home.

School District 742 once again is working with Sartell-St. Stephen and Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools in regards to coordinating snow days.  Putnam says they are watching the weather closely in regards to the forecasted snow for Tuesday.  She says the storm appears likely to largely miss the St. Cloud area but watching these types of things is something need to do.  Putnam says they coordinate so much transportation with Sartell-St. Stephen and Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools which is why decisions to close or to do to 2-hour late start are made together.  She says each school has their own policy in regards to e-learning days.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Laurie Putnam it is available below.



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