ST. CLOUD -- With some rain over the weekend, St. Cloud has been able to restart one of the two units at the hydroelectric dam.

Public Utilities Director Lisa Vollbrecht says they restarted one unit a few days ago.

The dam was completely shut down last Monday when the water flow dropped below 800 cubic feet per second. The flow got as low as about 500 cubic feet per second on Thursday. The river is flowing at about 1,200 cubic feet per second Monday.

Image courtesy of the DNR
Image courtesy of the DNR

The first of the two units remain turned off, which it has been since June.

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It was the first time since 1988 that St. Cloud had shut down the dam.

The average August production for the facility produces enough energy to provide electricity for over 450 homes for an entire year. This summer the energy production from the hydro facility will be severely reduced.

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