It's that time of year when you can register your neighborhood for National Night Out which is scheduled for August 3rd.  Last year the event was cancelled because of COVID, like everything else. This year, it's back,we're able to all get together.  You can register your neighborhood.  What exactly does that mean?

National Night Out officially:

is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships within neighborhoods across the nation

Locally, this is sponsored by the St. Cloud police department, and nationally it's sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch involving communities across all 50 states. Neighborhoods will be getting together outside of their homes.  Usually there are some cookouts, block parties, family activities and the like. There will also be communities involved in anti-crime rallies, some youth focused activites that will inlvolve the police department, fire department and some other safety personell and first responders.

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National Night Out will be August 3rd from 5 to 9:30pm.  Registering your neighborhood will allow the police department and other participants to know about your event, and they will visit sometime during the evening.

According to the City of St. Cloud's website, the reasons to participate are:

  1. Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  2. Generate support for and participation in local anti-crime efforts
  3. Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships
  4. Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back against crime.

There is also a National Night Out website with more information on the event.

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