If you've ever wanted to speak like a Minnesota, here's a crash course! Rule number one, smile...it will tense up the corners of your mouth, which is where part of the accent comes from. And, don't move your jaw very much.

If this feels natural to you, you probably have a Minnesota accent. And, there's nothing wrong with that. Minnesotans are generally thought of as being very friendly and 'Minnesota Nice'. I think it's because of how we sound when we speak. Our words definitely come out like there's always a smile on our faces (there probably is). Here are 18 terms that prove Minnesotans have an accent.

'You betcha' instead of 'You bet'

'Meer' instead of 'Mirror'

'Minnesoda' instead of 'Minnesota'

'Werk' instead of 'Work'

'Inner-state' instead of 'interstate'

'Ferthuer' instead of 'Farther'

'Melk' instead of 'Milk'

'elso' instead of 'also'

'Ya know' instead of 'You know'

'Valentime's' instead of 'Valentine's'

'Fer sure' instead of 'for sure',

'Fer' as a complete substitute for the word 'for'. 'Fer cute', 'fer goodness sakes', 'fer cryin' out loud'.

'Ta' instead of 'to', as in 'I'm going ta the grocery store'.

'Da' instead of 'the', as in 'I'm going ta da grocery store.'

'Dat' instead of 'that'

Replacing 'T' sounds with 'D' sounds...example 'dat dang deer'

'Pop' instead of 'Soda'

'Hotdish' instead of 'casserole'

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