While it's true St. Cloud is much, much closer to the bottom of WalletHub's "Best Sports Cities In America" than it is to the top of the list, the fact is... St. Cloud still made the list. And that should count for something, right?

According to the 'study,' which looked at factors such as the total percentage of adults who claim to follow particular sports, St. Cloud is the 379th best sports city in America out of 392 ranked cities.

St. Cloud sports fans were at the bottom of the rankings for football, basketball, baseball and soccer, but ranked 58th in the country for the number of hockey fans in the area.

The top cities in the country for sports fans were Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Minneapolis ranked 13th overall, St. Paul 262nd, Bemidji 373th, Duluth 377th and Mankato 382nd. So, at least St. Cloud finished better than Mankato! Take that purple cows!

Source: WalletHub

St. Cloud was put into the 'small cities' category, finishing 215th out of 226 tiny towns. Clemson, South Carolina led this category, followed by West Point, New York and Fayette, Mississippi.

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