This guy really loves Chick-Fil-A!

Earlier this month, we reported that Chick-Fil-A Crossroads was hosting a contest to help promote their mobile app. Whoever could share their Facebook post the most would qualify to win a Chick-Fil-A t-shirt and potentially free food.

Since then, they've offered a second challenge looking for the biggest Chick-Fil-A fan in the St. Cloud area, asking fans this time to create a video that displays how much they love Chick-Fil-A. The video that earned the most shares would win 25 sandwich cards. They also indicated that "songs really inspire" them.

Local chicken enthusiasts have stepped up to the challenge, and some of the responses can be seen on Chick-Fil-A Crossroad's Facebook page.

But one video has risen above the rest, even garnering some virality.

Josh Svendsen of St. Cloud took Chick-Fil-A's suggestion and wrote a song, even going so far as to sing three-part harmony by himself. In just 14 hours it's earned 129 shares and over 5k views, probably because we can all relate:

"I accidentally went there once
When it was a Sunday
I'm still alive, but I barely survived
'Cause I've got to have Chick-Fil-A."

Both Chick-Fil-A contests end July 31.

Speaking of free Chick-Fil-A, you know you've hit the pinnacle of your radio DJ career when a listener offers to bring you free food at the station!

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