I've been a fan of Kwik Trip convenience stores for a while.

Their prices are comparable, their stores and restrooms are always clean, and their selection of coffee, fountain drinks, and donuts (about the only things I ever get from a gas station) are great. I'm a Kwik Trip rewards member, and -- even though the rewards aren't anything special -- I appreciate the perks every now and then.

But, as they say, customer service is key, and a great experience over the weekend guaranteed me as a life-long fan.

I stopped at Kwik Trip (store #146) on Division Street in St. Cloud Sunday to fill up on gas. After finishing, I pressed the "YES" button at the pump to claim my receipt but received a message directing me inside to see the cashier instead.

"Ugh!" I groaned. Going inside for my receipt obviously wasn't the end of the world, but I was in a hurry, and the delay was a nuisance. Still, the cashier at the counter -- Lindsey -- greeted me with a smile, and I greeted her with one back.

"Can I just get my receipt for pump number three, please?" I asked.

"Sure!" she replied, punching the numbers and printing my receipt. As she handed it to me -- still smiling -- she asked:

"Would you like a coffee or soda on us today?"

The question caught me by surprise! I'd had plenty of coffee already, and I politely declined. But as I returned to my car, I thought, "Wow! That was really neat! I've never been offered that before! I've had to go in to ask a cashier for my receipt plenty of times before, but I've never been offered something for my hassle! I really appreciate that!"

I carried on with my day but didn't forget about my great Kwik Trip experience.

Thank you, Lindsey at store #146 on Division Street, for making my day and showing exceptional customer service skills! You're appreciated!

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