The beloved Sinclair Dinosaur in Grey Eagle was no match for the storm that rolled across central Minnesota on Saturday, August 28th.

As I was scrolling through a Facebook feed full of storm damage photos, I saw this one from Pamela Kay in Grey Eagle:

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The Sinclair Dino that sits outside the gas station greeting drivers as they drive through town had been totally crushed by the gas price sign. This dinosaur is always dressed up in fun outfits, and you can see in the photo he had his summer bandana on, and what appears to be a kettle of corn on the cob. The poor thing, it's like reliving extinction all over again.

Strong winds and hail came across the entire central Minnesota area. In Sauk Rapids and Sartell, golf ball-sized hail was reported, as were 70 mph winds. My entire neighborhood got hit with huge hail, siding and shingles were destroyed and if your car wasn't in the garage you most likely have hail damage.

I missed the storm happening, as I was south of it at the State Fair, but I almost wish we would've stayed home to see it come through. We did catch some of the tail end of the heavy rain as we drive through Anoka on the way home.

Take a look at some of the hail sizes from around the area below.

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