Based on Urban Dictionary, the internet either loves or hates St. Cloud. There are two different definitions of the town and they are totally opposite!

Definition #1:

This is a city in which nobody would voluntarily return. It is a soul crushing miasma of crappiness. Imagine the cultural wastelands of suburbia mixed with the mug-a-day bleakness of urban blight and the backward ignorance of rural farm country. This would be the perfect way to describe St. Cloud, MN.
Son: "Dad, why is that man standing by the Dairy Queen dressed as a pimped-up version of Superman?"
Dad: "He's from St. Cloud. What would you expect?"
Definition #2:
A town in central Minnesota that is referred to as THE STC. The town is located around the Mississippi River which offers a countless number of water activities. THE STC has everything a person could want in a town. Low crime rates, great education system and a thriving economy make St. Cloud a great place to live.
Nothing else compares to St. Cloud...
Personally I like the second definition better than the first. What would your definition of St. Cloud be? Share it with us in the comments!

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