Beach season might be long gone but with Halloween candy everywhere I turn, keeping my calorie count in check has been a chore. Luckily Erbert's and Gerbert's is here to help!

Starting on October 16th (Monday) the sandwich chain will be introducing Fit and Flavorful Wraps! They are describing these new items as having 30% less calories and 100% of the flavor. They are packed with protein and fresh veggies, two things I know I always struggle to get enough of.

The first new flavor is a turkey wrap with Sabra garlic hummus, tomato, tomato, cheese and cucumber.

The second new wrap is roast beef, banana peppers, cheddar cheese, Sabra garlic hummus, tomato and lettuce.

At only $6.49 a wrap, they are a great idea for a quick and healthy lunch. The only downside is that they are a limited time offering. So take advantage of them while you can and hopefully they will be popular enough to become a permanent menu item!

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