Congratulations to our February Teacher of the Month: Charlie Hoffman of Cathedral High School! Mr. Hoffman, who teaches English at CHS, was nominated by a number of people.

J. Brattensborg:

Charlie has a great way of connecting with the kids. He is kind and if you ask a CHS student who their favorite teacher is, most often the answer is “Mr. Hoffman.”

L. Ellis:

Mr. Hoffman was really helpful in my time at cathedral and a great teacher. He knows how to always make class fun while also being productive. For students like me that were high school athletes it was tough to be engaged in classes at times but Mr. Hoffman always found a way to reach kids like us in his class through his love of sports. He would also help me before and after school on his own time with homework and other things and I can’t thank him enough for that.

B. Schroden:

Charlie is an exceptional teacher. He goes above and beyond with being a teacher. He always makes time for his students and goes to after school activities/events to show support to his students.

Our winning teacher was presented with gift cards to Coyote Moon Grill, Concrete Image Salon and Great Harvest Bread, along with a commemorative plaque from All Star Trophy and Awards.

Let's face it, teachers have faced more challenges than ever during this past year and they all deserve a little more recognition. If you know of an educator who is consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, you can nominate them for Teacher of the Month HERE.

It could be your child's teacher, someone who taught you in the past that made an impact on your life, your neighbor who is a teacher... really, any instructor who you feel deserves some extra kudos. You don't need to write a novel to nominate someone, a couple of sentences will do, so don't be nervous!

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