Yesterday (Wednesday) marked the birthday of the Special Olympics, which was first held in Chicago, in 1968.  Most of us know at least one person with special needs, or with disabilities, and that's why the Special Olympics is so important.  It gives those people a chance to be; Olympians, champions, medal winners, and absolute fan favorites.

The Special Olympics takes place every two years, and remains the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  The Special Olympics provides year-round training and competitions to more than 3.1 million athletes in 175 countries.  Often the Games are the largest sporting event to take place in the world, in any given year.

To benefit the Special Olympics, every February here in St. Cloud we have the St. Cloud Polar Bear Plunge.

The Special Olympics has a Winter Games, and a Summer Games, during it's year - and the games are conducted every two years.

So, a big "Happy Birthday" to the Special Olympics -- and if you know a 'special olympian' -- make sure you get them involved!