The brewery called the behavior "weird" and revealed that even if some pet names are meant to be flattering, they're "not necessarily landing that way."

Next time you visit Imminent Brewing in Northfield, MN make sure you leave your pet names and terms of endearment at the door. The brewery took to social media Thursday with a second installment of their Imminent Brewing Rules for Humans, in short asking patrons to stop calling their staff by pet names.

"Welp, here it is: we need to draw some boundaries and we're asking all of our awesome customers to be our allies with this one!" the brewery -- posted by a "Laura" on behalf of the staff -- began on Facebook. "We want to change the way we interact with all humans in the service industry. Bold goal, perhaps, but we'll start here at Immy, and hope it ripples out."

The post went on to ask customers not to use pet names (such as "sweetheart", "dear", "hon", etc.) for the staff. The staff, in turn, will afford the same respect. The topic, it seems, has been discussed "a lot" with the team, with most agreeing that it's "weird" and not flattering.

"This is the way we want to be treated," the post continues, "and we deeply appreciate your consideration. We hope you all know we appreciate that there is a level of familiarity with a lot of you, and we're fond of that familiarity, and that's why we're asking for your help with this!"

The request is part of Imminent Brewing's greater Code of Conduct and Rules For Humans which are:

  1. Follow the Platinum Rule: Treat others how they want to be treated. Including beertenders!

  2. We are not your “dear,” “hon,” or “sweetheart.” Please do not use pet names to address beertenders.

  3. Humans must maintain control of themselves at all times

  4. Humans must get along with other people (and be nice to dogs). Aggression will not be tolerated. Harassment and hate speech have no place in our community.

  5. Be conscientious of others This is a family-friendly place! Keep thy hands to thyself.

  6. If it’s not clear: Don’t be a creep!

According to its website, Imminent Brewing is also a member of WeVow, non-profit organization working to help those affected by sexual abuse and assault to find their voice and move forward.

Responses to the Facebook post have thus far been overwhelmingly supportive.

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