When the COVID-19 pandemic was still a hot topic people had strong opinions on both sides of the aisle. However, unless you have an advanced medical degree you were not allowed to have an opinion.

"Oh? Is that what you think? Tell everyone where you got your medical degree from."

Sorry, I don't make the rules. Unless you have a degree in epidemiology, you are no longer allowed to discuss masks, vaccine mandates or lockdowns... especially if you are against them.

Your opinion is not valid or valuable.

Heck, even some people WITH degrees have been silenced on social media because of their opinions.

"Trust the doctors.... well, not THAT doctor."

In another corner of the internet folks are debating just how much access parents should have to their children's teacher's curriculum. Some parents want to know what is in the lesson plan every day, some parents don't think it is any of their business.

Again, unless you have a degree in education and at least 20 years of classroom experience, you are not allowed to have an opinion on this subject. Sorry.

Gas prices have been surging for the last year and have been rising more dramatically over the last month. However, unless you have a degree in economics you are not allowed to question the reason for the price surge.

So please, when policies are made regarding health, economics and the education of your children just trust that every person on Earth with a degree or a title absolutely has your best interest in mind and shut up and do all the stuff.

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