ST. CLOUD -- It's been a revolving door when it comes to programming for group exercise classes.

State guidelines have presented several challenges to area fitness centers as they balance protecting the health of their members, while making sure everyone can stay active.

Cathy Elness is the Healthy Living Director for the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA. She says with the guidelines continuously changing, they've had to make multiple adjustments.

We had to take all the guidelines and measure out each studio to accommodate social distancing, with the fitness center we had to move all the equipment and space it out so we could have enough pieces open.

Elness says while working out with a mask on is possible, some members have had challenges. She says with their group exercise classes, she's asked her instructors to shift how they teach.

I've been working with people to really watch how they teach and we've changed formats. We are doing a lot more strength work because it's easier to breathe with a mask as oppose to a lot of cardio.

She says all their in-person classes are on a reservation system with a waiting list should someone cancel last minute. Each class will also continue be available online for members who are not yet comfortable returning.

Elness says their members have been accommodating to the adjustments and they are thankful to be opened once again.

The WJON series "Socially-Distance Fitness" features opportunities for people to focus on their well-being to create a healthier you.

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