It is starting to feel like a long time has passed since we were required to wear masks everywhere we went. Going to the store? Mask. Church? Mask. Heading to the restroom? Mask.

Over the last year we have accumulated a ton of masks one way or another. Here's one I got from Holly Ball. Here's one the local realtor gave me. Look, I found some nasty-looking single-use masks in the bottom of my center console.

So I ask you friends: what is the plan for all of these masks?

I suppose one option would be to keep them around in case they are needed again. Maybe they can go in the entryway closet along with the mittens and hats and scarves? I could see that getting pretty annoying.

We could put them into a tote and stuff them into the crawlspace/attic area, aka the Beanie Baby solution. This plan would allow us to unexpectedly find them four or five years down the road and have the same discussion about what to do with them. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Maybe a mask quilt? Of course, they will have to be washed thoroughly and, well, actually let's toss out that idea. It's gross.

It seems like people have money to burn these days. Sports card prices are surging, people are spending a ton of dough on crypto and whatever the heck a non-fungible token is. Maybe there's a market for used masks... especially if they traveled to exotic places like a concert or theme park?

I've seen a lot of places offering to burn your used masks. That seems very cathartic and all, but also kind of a waste of money.

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