What has Snooki been up to now that she's no longer on Reality T.V.? Dishing out advice to celebrities who may not want to hear it.

Snooki feels like she needed to step up to the plate and tell Katy Perry she needs to take a break from dating.

"I feel like Katy is still vulnerable from her divorce from Russell Brand. I feel like she's still hurting because they were in love with each other, and now they basically hate each other. You obviously don't get over those feelings that quick, so I feel like she was moving in a little too quick with John Mayer."

That's pretty good advice. It's always a good idea to heal the heart before putting it out there again. But I have several friends who have fallen in love quickly after getting hurt. Love knows no boundaries!

The next celebrity Snooki takes on is Kim Kardashian. No, she not talking about her weight or the clothes she's wearing. Let's face it, she's pregnant, but in some pictures she does look like shes 12 months pregnant not six because she is wearing unflattering clothes. But, she has some advice on her look,

"If your face is already made up when your water breaks, you have plenty of time to do it in the hospital when you're waiting to dilate. I waited 27 hours, and the whole time, I just put on makeup and watched cartoons. You also have to make sure you choose your makeup palettes wisely, because the hospital rooms are boring, the walls are white; it's just not a good look."

You may feel that is horrible advice, but look at who she's talking to. Kim K. You know darn well she is going to have a full makeup crew in the delivery room! All joking aside, sometimes the advice you want to hear is not the advice you get!

Do you have a friend who is always offering unsolicited advice? Is it sometimes the advice you need to hear but you just don't want to admit it?

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