Country gal Skylar Laine reminds us of Reba, but she idolizes Miranda Lambert and that’s whose song she chose to perform on tonight’s (March 28) episode of ‘American Idol.’ The hopefuls were allowed to sing songs by their own personal idols and Laine did Lambert proud with her crackling performance.

Laine selected Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder and Lead,’ a sassy, “don’t mess with me” country gal anthem if there ever was one. Before taking the stage, episode mentor Stevie Nicks told Laine to remember that as a country artist, the most critical element is telling the story. However, the song’s narrow melody, according to season advisor Jimmy Iovine, would be restricting for Laine. He said she’d need to be “on it” or risk going home.

Laine is a firecracker and she bounced across that stage like she just chugged a case of Red Bull. She really feeds off the crowd’s energy every time, and she comes to life when she bounds around in front of an audience. Wearing a studded leather jacket and leggings, she didn’t look much like a country girl, but she sang and stomped around like one. Put simply, Laine is a true performer.

While she has proved she can strut her stuff, the Mississippi girl also demonstrated a bit of a higher range that we had not previously seen.

Overall, a solid perf.

Watch Skylar Laine Perform ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ on ‘American Idol’