There's a website that does a poll each year to find out how "naughty" and "nice" we've been. Most of the "nice" things they asked about include: 28% of us donated our time . . . 31% donated money . . . 60% did at least one random act of kindness . . . and 50% didn't lash out at anyone over the election results.

Here are six "naughty" things we did this year.

1. 17% of people unfriended someone on Facebook over the presidential election.

2. A third of people in relationships looked through the other person's phone or web history and 15% of single people flaked on a first date.

3. 26% of people found something that didn't belong to them, and kept it. And 17% found a wallet, purse, or bag and returned it, but took something out of it first.

4. 59% of us pretended to be sick to get out of something we didn't want to do.

5. 20% of people admitted to gossiping about friends.

6. 12% lied on their resume or in a sit down job interview .

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