The sister of a Twin Cities punk rocker who was killed in a train accident in Elk River in 2007 is looking for memories of her brother from people who may have known him.

"Hello there! I am Danny's sister," begins the post in the Minnesota thread of reddit. "I am looking just for some stories or better yet, pictures of [her brother] Danny." The post goes on to share that Danny was born in 1984 and originally from North Dakota before moving to the Twin Cities as a pre-teen. A punk rocker, he was part of a local band called The Scamps before he tragically passed away. Without going into detail, his sister (known only as u/DieYoung_StayPretty on reddit) indicates that he'd been "hobo'ing" trains and died in an accident on the tracks in Elk River in 2007. Now, she wants to put together a book of photos, stories and memories of her brother from people who may have known him that she can share with her own two children.

"Anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I would sure love a nudge from you," she concludes the post. "Thanks for any and all help." She also included two photos of her brother.

DieYoung_StayPretty via reddit
DieYoung_StayPretty via reddit

Many in the comment section have been eager to help or even remember him.

"I knew him but not well," said one. "I will pass this around a bit and see if anyone can help."

"I was a worker/owner Hard Times in 2007," says another who recognized him in the photos. "I definitely recognize your brother as a regular but I didn’t know him personally. I didn’t know he died. I’m terribly sorry for you loss."

"I remember Danny pretty well," affirmed a third. "I was good friends and played in a band with Matt. I always liked Danny, but I wouldn’t say we were really close friends. He was a little younger and spent more time on the other side of the river in St Paul." Others have suggested the sister share the photos in various Facebook groups dedicated to Minnesota punk rockers.

"There's a Minnesota Punk Facebook group with a fair number of punks who were probably around in that era as well," offered one.

"I posted these pictures on Facebook and someone recognized him right away!" encouraged another. "She's reaching out to mutual friends."

A Google search for "The Scamps Band" shows a number of results, including one "Minneapolis based folk band with a punk attitude." The band's last post on Facebook is dated November 4, 2018 and links to a five-track album on the website Bandcamp.

The woman claiming to be Danny's sister on reddit does not provide her full name or personal contact details. If you recognize her brother or have anything to offer, she asks that you direct message (DM) her on reddit.

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